Korg Havian 30 Digital Ensemble Piano

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Keyboard 88 weighted hammer keys, velocity sensitive
Sounds Factory: More than 950 sounds including stereo grand piano and stereo upright (both with damper resonance) and GM 2 sounds, 64 drum kits
User Settings 256 sounds, 128 drum kits
Full editing of sounds and drum kits
Tone Generator 128 voices - filters with resonance - RX (Real Experience) technology
Effects Effects & EQ:
4 stereo master effects blocks
125 effects types
3-band EQ for each track
Final Effects: Limiter and 4-band parametric equalizer
Controller Mini-joystick
Auto Accompaniment Factory: 420 preloaded styles, freely reconfigurable
Styles Styles
User: Up to 1,040 available style locations including the favorite/user banks

Style Structure
Eight style tracks, 4 single touch settings, one style setting per style

Style controls
3 intros, 4 variations, 4 fills, break, 3 endings, autofill, synchro start/stop, tap tempo, manual bass, bass inversion, memory, accompaniment mute, kick & snare designation
Chord sequencer
Others Guitar mode 2, parallel and fixed NTT, style record with step record, track and event edit functions
Performance Performance/STS
240 realtime performance locations, grand piano special Performance
STS: sound sets recalled by styles
Up to 4 STS x style, up to 4 STS x songbook entry
Keyboard Tracking Four keyboard tracks (upper 1, 2, 3, lower)
Song Play Player with select, start/stop, home, rewind and fast forward controls
Jukebox function - compatible with SMF (formats 0 and 1) and MP3
Lyrics (compatible with CDG), score - markers - MP3 transpose (+6/-5 semitones) 
MP3 tempo change (+/-30%)
MP3 Record MP3 files including style, SMF, keyboard tracks and effects
Sequencer Quick record (backing sequence), multitrack and step record functions Full featured sequencer - 16 tracks - Up to 100.000 events - SMF format
SongBook Fully programmable music database, based on styles, SMF, karaoke, MP3 with automatic selection of style play and song play modes
User-definable custom lists - filtering options
Search Style, song, performance, songbook, sound and lyrics TXT
Compatibility i-Series: Style 
Pa Series: Style, performance, sound, song, songbook
Controls Master volume, keyboard-acc/seq balance volume, ensemble, octave transpose, master transpose, tempo lock, quarter-tone Arabic scale, user scale memorized inside performance/STS, search, lyrics, score, marker, dial, tempo, metronome, split
Display 5" TFT color graphical TouchView
Connections Control Input
Assignable Pedal/Footswitch (Damper: Support half-pedaling with included DS-2H pedal)
Headphones/Audio Out: Unbalanced stereo jack

USB to MIDI using the USB device port - 8 user-definable MIDI Preset
USB USB-MIDI Interface: 2.0 Hi-speed connections 
To Device: 1 (rear)
To Host: 1 (rear)
Mass Storage USB
Speaker System Amp/Speaker System
Amplification: 2x 25 W
Speakers: 2x 3.9" / 10.0 cm double-cone speakers in bass reflex box
Power Power Supply: 100 to 240 VAC 
Power Consumption: 26 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 51.7 x 15.3 x 5.7" / 131.2 x 38.9 x 14.6 cm
Weight 33.3 lb / 15.1 kg

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