About Us

MEDTECH C&S LIMITED (Kauf Store) is a worldwide leading authorized distributor of general medical equipment,laptops,cameras,Musicals,Printers and several others for over 200 industry leading manufacturers. We specialize in the sales of new authentic and warrantied products for absolute profitable productivity to our buyers. 

MEDTECH C&S LIMITED (Kauf Store) was founded in the year 2015 by CAITRIONA TIERNAN And  O'SULLIVAN in Ireland with the company no# IE547937 before it was extended to Cyprus through S.C. MEDTECH OFFSHORE SERVICES LIMITED with the Registration no#  HE 354711 / UN 354711 in great affiliation to MEDTECH C&S LIMITED;Over the years MEDTECH C&S LIMITED (Kauf Store) has been able to spread it world-wide extensive services across all continents(Europe,Africa,Asia,Northern and Southern America,Australia and New-Zealand).We will kick-start operation in the United States of America in few years time with the current name OX MED TECH, INC.

Our mission at MEDTECH C&S LIMITED  is to supply the world’s health care professionals,Photography professions,Kids & Adults with affordable,authentic,high quality products to support them in giving everyone the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

We focus on establishing strong business relationships based on customer satisfaction and commitment to supplying quality products and services. This has given us a valuable reputation with firms,companies and individual worldwide, and is one reason for our continued success in international markets. We have a global distribution network and are represented by companies,individuals who share same interest as we do at MEDTECH C&S LIMITED.

At MEDTECH C&S LIMITED (Kauf Store) we only offer products received directly from the manufacturer and this has been our objectives to boost quality and enhance enjoyable products to all buyers of our products across the world.



37 Daniel Street                          Ευαγόρου & Μενάνδρου, 1,                 3-303,INDUSTRIAL TOOLS      MOLDOVA       U.S.A


DUBLIN,                                       FROSIA HOUSE, Floor 2, Flat 201       CIRCULATING CENTER

D08T8W5                                     1066, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος                     DAEHWA-DONG,DAEJEON 

Ireland                                         Cyprus                                                  306-754,SOUTH KOREA